The shipment is carried out to all parts of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales), including Bailiwicks of Guernsey and Jersey and Isle of Man.

Terms of delivery for express shipping

Delivery usually takes 7 or 10 days. Sometimes this period can be increased because of flight irregularities but it cannot exceed 2 weeks. Next day after arrival to the UK your order will be delivered by courier service to your door. If the delivery to door is not possible you should collect your package at the at the local delivery depot.

Delivery by Registred Mail

Delivery time is 10-15 days. Parcel comes to your local post office and you should pick it up.

We track all our parcels and if necessery we can inform customers by Whats'App/e-mail about the estimated date of delivery.

How much is the shipping?
Shipping is free if your order is 5 cartons or more. In case you buy less, you will need to pay for the shipping from £14 to £29 depending on weight and delivery type.

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